Living Systems

Introducing the ‘Living Systems’ community platform.

On Monday the 9th March, Jono Frew and Dan Regtien have an authentic, unedited conversation about why they started Living Systems. In this conversation Jono and Dan cover some FAQs about regenerative agriculture and also discuss the power of different perspectives and how to harness those without conflict.

Jono and Dan bring great diversity of skills knowledge and perspective to the collaboration. The core reason for Living Systems existence is to connect and empower people who are growing healthy food on regenerating landscapes. There is no advertising, no ‘pending approval’, just a friendly, land-based bunch of folks who encourage authenticity, trust and reverence.

By the way, like all really good things, it’s free! The cost of maintaining this is to be covered by those participating in Patron Branches and Courses. We are proud and excited to be here with you! You are welcome to bring your ideas and inspiration to the continued growth of Living Systems.

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We made a start, now let’s grow this together!

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