ReconAg farm plans are as simple as possible- but no simpler! They are built on powerful mapping software and are designed to empower farmers to collect and explore their own data. They are flexible enough to be sufficient for all requirements, now and into the future.

With increased interest in environmental management on livestock farms, a “farm plan” creation or revamp is what many farmers are exploring. Why not invest in a system that will not only meet all your requirements for environmental management, but that will also be a useful tool for farm operations and strategic decision making for years to come?

These plans don’t live in an office. Part of our service is providing a customisable mobile device App that enables new ideas to be drawn up, measurements to be taken and photos to be pinned… all while out on the farm. And don’t worry, it works offline!

ReconAg farm plans are designed for visual and practical people who don’t have a lot of time for lengthy written plans. They are flexible to your unique farming ecosystem and are designed for growth, with infinite capacity to expand and evolve. If you would like to experience for yourself what is possible, please contact us.